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Together Forever

As Ivie inadvertently browsed through the Bumble app she came across a profile of a young, handsome man who caught her eye. Kyle seemed like the perfect guy so Ivie excitedly sent him the first message and the pair began chatting. Throughout the conversation, as Kyle and Ivie started to get to know each other, Ivie explained that her favorite movie was an early 90’s rom com starring Robert Downey Jr, she never expected Kyle to have heard of and yet he replied immediately with the movie quotes. The instant connection and spark was so obvious for both Ivie and Kyle, it was clear to them both, that they are soul mates.

When asked about her Prince Charming, Kyle, Ivie explained their engagement story!

“When it came to our engagement I knew it was coming. I mean, there was no way we weren’t going to end up together... absolutely no way. I found out (accidentally from his mother) that he was going to propose on Thanksgiving while both our families were in town. I prepared to make that day absolutely perfect from the decorations to my outfit. I didn’t tell a single soul that I knew so no friends would spill the beans to Kyle that I knew. Well, coincidently, I ended up telling a friend at girls night, that I knew about the engagement. That friend then in fact spilled the beans to Kyle (in a sweet way to make sure I ended up being surprised).”

“The weekend before the “big day” he asked if I wanted to go to the Chinese lantern festival with another couple. I thought that would be fun! In my head for a brief moment I thought “what if??” But I have thought that so many times before so the thought quickly came and went. When it came time to light our lanterns he lit his, turned around and I could see that he was crying. Then I read what he had written on his lantern “Ivie Shea Cooper aka Bowl Face (inside joke) Will you marry me?”. He threw his lantern which almost caused a grass fire, got down on one knee and I ran into his arms. I honestly blacked out at that moment and I’m not even sure i ever said yes, but here we are! And the rest is history. Now the adventure begins!”

Ivie and Kyle came to The Croft Downtown to tour the venue for their wedding in Spring 2021. This bubbly and adorable couple who’s excitement about their wedding was contagious and their love for one another is so apparent to everyone in their presence. We were so delighted when we received the message that Kyle and Ivie had decided they want to host their wedding here, at The Croft Downtown! Their wedding planning process is now well underway.

We absolutely love hearing about our brides and grooms first meeting, first date and engagement stories. Here, at The Croft, we feel it is so important to get to know each and every one of our clients, creating a personal and close connection with them in order to fully understand their dream wedding! We truly believe that every couple is unique and therefore their wedding should reflect this! If you would like to share your love stories with us, please email us today at, we will be delighted to read them!

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