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6 Wedding Planning Tasks To Complete From Your Couch

So, you've watched every episode of your favorite show on Netflix, you've learnt how to bake banana bread, and you've even managed to finish that book you started last summer.. now what?! With some extra time on your hands, we are encouraging you to not let these difficult times get you down in the dumps, and instead, get excited about your upcoming wedding! We have devised a 6 step - wedding planning process to help you feel accomplished and get you on the wedding hype, all from the comfort of your own home! Slide into your slippers, grab a cuppa Joe and let us help you begin the journey to planning your special day!!



Put together your wedding website.

A wedding website might seem like unnecessary hassle, but using a free site such as, Wix, Minted or Zola, it is easy to make and there are some really lovely free templates!

A wedding website is not only a wonderful method of keeping in touch with your guests, updating them on all the details of your big day, it is also a solid method of ensuring your finance and you are on the same page and keeping on top of the planning process. Not to mention, a wedding website is a great way to get yourselves and your guests excited!!


Register for gifts.

During normal life, it is difficult to find the time to dedicate to registering for wedding gifts and align both of your schedules. Why not take advantage of the wide array of online registry options available. From honeymoon registries to websites like Blueprint Registry that let you add gifts from any store, cross this task off your list by cozying up on the couch and shopping entirely online.


Design your wedding invites.

Ahhh the luxury of living in the era of technology! Designing your own wedding invites has never been easier with online websites such as Shutterfly, Zola and VistaPrint. At this stage, you might not know exactly your wedding venue or wedding date. Gathering ideas of your perfect wedding invite is a wonderful way to get your creative juices flowing and to fully understand exactly what you want your wedding color scheme and theme to look like.

Alternatively, reach out to The Paper Place AZ, a personal favorite vendor and close friend of The Croft Downtown, who's work is sublime! Again, you might not be in a position to fill out all the wedding details but for budgeting and aesthetic research, this is the perfect task!


Make a budgeting spreadsheet.

UGH. Budgets. UGH. Spreadsheets. UGH. We know, we get it, budgeting and spreadsheets are not the most thrilling of projects however, the most stress-free brides and grooms we have worked with have had a thorough spreadsheet for their wedding budgets in place. Start off with a simple outline and jot down everything you need to organize purchasing and work on adding the financials over time. Right now we have nothing but time and bulldozing into a day of finances will drive you insane! Slow and steady wins the race with this wedding planning task.


Order suits and tuxes.

Whilst bridesmaids dress shopping might be something worth waiting for to do in person, so you can enjoy sipping bubbly with your besties; let's get the men out the way! Rent the highest quality tuxedos and suits online without ever visiting a store. Generation Tux has modernized the formalwear shopping experience with their groundbreaking website. Shop over 20 on-trend suit and tuxedo styles, along with thousands of colorful accessories to match your wedding color scheme. (They'll even send you complimentary fabric swatches to ensure the perfect match!) And with their eTailor algorithm, they can also ensure the perfect fit—without those awkward measuring tape moments.


Pinterest your wedding decor inspo!

When you book your wedding at The Croft Downtown, we require you to use our in-house wedding floral, decor and rental team, Angelic Grove. From simple elegant florals to structural, ultramodern pieces, our talented group of designers at Angelic Grove can custom design all of your floral needs. We also offer sophisticated and beautiful custom decor for your event offering specific items such as linens, chairs, and entertainment. 8 months prior to your special day is typically when we arrange your wedding decor meeting. During this meeting, having a good idea of what you love and your wedding decor theme and color scheme is a huge step! Also, a decor budget can be figured out in your wedding budgeting spreadsheet task.


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